Voter Education

The strength and integrity of our political system is rooted in the decision making ability of the voters.  And the ability for the voters to make the decisions is grounded in a firm understanding of how our government works. 

I was recently chastised on Twitter with ... "How dare you launch a campaign against Kelly Ward...another member of the GOP!  You'll split the vote!"  But I'm running for the House of Representatives.

And a day later, I was encouraged to " whatever [I could] to unseat John McCain in 2018!"  But he's not even running, AND I'm running for the House of Representatives.

As the 2018 midterm elections get underway it's imperative that we (the voting populace) are equally founded in some basic political facts.  This blog will continue to grow in attempt to provide a 1-stop resource as you prep for the 2018 Mid-term elections.

I will do my best to prevent any bias.  My intent to provide a valuable resource for ALL future voters regardless of party affiliation! I welcome any additions/feedback from anyone who wants to elevate our district to a higher level of voting insight and hopefully increase our overall voter turnout.


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